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Are you our new dealer?

Underhaug has been delivering agricultural equipment for over a century! We have dealers in various countries, but we are looking for more skilled dealers. You will have access to our extensive product selection that you can offer to your customers. Customer service is always a priority and you will always receive the assistance you need at the right time. Enter your contact information in the form to express your interest and we will get in touch.

Quality that lasts for generations

Underhaug’s job is to provide farmers all over the world with equipment that helps them do their job in the best possible way. We produce and export a wide specter og first class agricultural equipment that has an excellent quality and last for generations! We have competitive prices and have also developed unique products. Mechanical and hydraulic products require minimal maintenance. Norway has a long tradition of agriculture, and we have evolved our products in line with market changes and input from dealers and farmers.

Our dealers

Most of our dealers are in Europe, but we also have dealers in Asia and America. Today, you can find Underhaug’s products in Japan, the USA, Iceland, Switzerland, Ireland, Austria, the UK, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden. The products are relevant for a global market, and we are therefore looking for more skilled dealers. Use the form on this page to get in touch.

Why become a dealer?

We will always do everything in our power to serve our customers’ wishes. Anyone wanting to offer their customers high-quality agricultural equipment is a potential dealer. Our dealers are crucial to us at Underhaug. We prioritize close communication, and it’s always easy to get in touch with us for questions about the products. Underhaug offers:

  • A wide product selection
  • First class agricultural equipment that can last for generations
  • Products that need low maintenance that will save you time
  • Stocked products and custom orders
  • Competitive and good prices
  • Good warranty and guarantee schemes
  • Over 100 years of industry experience
  • Product development and improvement
  • Simple and efficient ordering processes